About Newtown Climate

Newtown Climate is a new community organisation formed to take practical climate action at the local level.

We are a group of local residents exploring ways to make the local transition to a zero emissions community faster, fairer and more fun. We think the Inner West is the perfect place to explore and showcase the possibilities of a zero emissions future, and want to work with our local community – people, businesses, organisations and Government – to accelerate this inevitable transition.

Our vision is for Newtown to be Australia’s first inner city zero emissions community, through a transition to zero emissions that is fast, fair and fun.

Our local councils have declared climate emergencies and set ambitious zero emissions goals. Our local politicians are strong supporters of climate action, reflecting the will of the community. Despite this, a lot more needs to be done to bring the zero emissions transition to life in our local area, and provide a model for other inner city suburbs to follow.

Newtown Climate is a member of Climate Action Network Australia and the Nature Conservation Council of NSW. We’re run by volunteers, funded by members and supporters, and not affiliated with any political party or other organisation.

Our values:

  • Inclusive and democratic: in the way we work and the things we advocate for
  • Community led: neighbour-to-neighbour, street-by-street, block-to-block
  • Positive: bringing people together and having fun along the way
  • Focused on what works: with the aim of becoming a trusted friend and voice for our community