Newtown Climate joins the Better Streets Coalition

We are pleased to announce that Newtown Climate is now a member of the Better Streets Coalition. We’ll support Better Streets’ network of community groups in campaigning for safe, healthy, people-friendly and climate-friendly streets that are accessible to all, and give people more options to move around safely and enjoyably.

The Better Streets campaign has five key asks for New South Wales streets:

  1. 75% of children walk, cycle, scoot, or take public transport to school daily
  2. Enable kids to be safe and independent by adopting 30km/h speeds for local residential streets, and urban centres 
  3. Build 1,000 kilometres of connected, safe, and direct routes per year for people riding bicycles and micromobility 
  4. ​Improve and expand beautiful streetscapes for local business 
  5. Build 2,560 pedestrian crossings per year

Better streets are essential to reducing transport emissions, which make up around a third of our local greenhouse gas emissions. Better streets allow more trips to be taken on foot or by bike, reducing our reliance on fossil fueled vehicles. With more electric bikes on the market every week, now’s a great time to make the shift to safe, healthy and convenient zero emissions transport.

The image of Wilson St, one of Newtown’s better streets, is from @emmabrownn on Unsplash.